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Regardless of whether you live in a high risk area for flooding, if you’re a homeowner you should consider purchasing Flood insurance.

Flooding, even in low risk areas, can cause significant damage to your home. In many cases, that damage exceeds the value of your home. Most homeowners don’t have a full understanding of this type of insurance.

Some of the common misconceptions are below:

  • “I don’t live in a flood zone, so I don’t need to purchase Flood insurance”: Flood insurance is available countrywide for a reason. Flooding can occur in even low risk areas. And the damage to your home from just one flood can be significant. The good news is that if you live in a low risk area then your premiums for Flood insurance will be much more affordable compared to those living in a flood plain.
  • “I have Homeowners insurance, so I don’t need to purchase Flood insurance”: Homeowner’s insurance policies specifically exclude damage resulting from flooding. Additionally, if you live in a high risk area for flooding and you have a mortgage, your mortgage provider will require that you purchase a Flood insurance policy.
  • “I can only buy Flood insurance directly from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)”: The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is administered by FEMA. But you can only purchase an NFIP policy from an insurance agent participating in the NFIP. Neither FEMA nor NFIP sells Flood insurance policies directly to consumers. Additionally, some insurance companies offer their own private Flood insurance policies. These can be cheaper than the rates provided by an NFIP policy. But the risk is that a private insurance carrier can non-renew your policy whereas you’ll always be insured through the NFIP. It’s important to ask your insurance agent for the differences in not only price but also coverage between an NFIP policy and a policy provided directly by an insurance carrier.
  • There are limitations to a Flood insurance policy. In general, property outside of an insured structure is usually excluded from coverage. This can include decks, landscaping, fences, hot tubs, and swimming pools. It’s best to ask your insurance agent for the specifics of your policy when purchasing the coverage.

Is Flood Insurance Expensive?

The NFIP sets rates for Flood insurance based on historical trends of the frequency of flooding in each area across the country. Other factors include your home’s build, whether or not you have a basement, and how much coverage you decide to purchase. The best way to find out what your premium will be is to ask a licensed agent in our office to provide you with some quotes from several of the top insurance companies.

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